Our 17th annual dance recital will be held at St. John the Baptist High School in West Islip, on Sunday, June 24th.  As of now there will be two shows, a 12pm show and a 6pm show. There is also a possibility that we may have one show. If we do it would be at 3pm and it would be a much longer show. There will be a tentative order of the show posted in December, at this time you will find out what show your child will be performing in or you will find out if there will only be one show. There will be a dress rehearsal on Tuesday, June 19th beginning at 4pm. If your child cannot be part of the June 2018 recital please notify their teacher and the front desk ASAP. The information below is based on if we have two shows.

                All competition teams are performing in both shows, along withmusical theatreadvanced lyrical, and advanced ballet classes. This is mandatory! If your child cannot dance in both shows and they are in these classes then they cannot perform in the recital at all. Please let us know immediately if your child has a problem performing in all three shows.

                 We try to accommodate all children who are in multiple classes and siblings to be a part of only one show, but due to the volume of students and multiple classes there will be many families with students in more than one show. The only families that will be given 2 free tickets are siblings who are separated in two different shows, and are not performing in any show together. This does not include students who have to be in both shows.

                We will be doing the ticket lottery again this year.  The ticket box will be put out the week of May 21st. The ticket slips will be drawn at the end of two weeks. Tuition has to be paid in full at the time you purchase tickets. Further information will be given out at a later date.

               Students will be measured for costumes starting November 13th. Please check on the size costume that is being ordered for your child. There will be a $10 dollar fee for any costume that has to be exchanged. All costume money is non-refundable after the costume is ordered. All costume money is due by December 20th. The prices are as follows: XSC, SC, MC are $74- and LC, SA, MA, LA, XLA are $82. There are no deposits on the costumes; they must all be paid in full by the due date. 

             Costumes are usually received sometime in February or March. Costumes can be ordered late, but there is a $10 dollar late fee.  Photo Day will be held at the dress rehearsal. This is for individual shots only. Once your child is finished dancing then you are free to have their picture taken. You will receive more information at a later time about the recital and ticket day. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.