Competition Dress Rehearsal 2017

Please make sure you have everything you need for the dress rehearsal on Saturday, March 4th . This means correct shoes, tights, headpieces, costume adjustments, make-up, and hair. A costume guide went out back in December so there should be no confusion as to what your child needs and I gave everyone ample time to get everything. We will start promptly at 12:30pm. Ballet 7A & 7B will be combined from 9am to 10am. Ballet 5 will be from 10am to 11am. Acro classes will still be going on but your child is excused from class. You can arrive closer to your child’s dance time, not everyone has to be there at 12:30. Please be accommodating to everyone, as we will not have that much room for changing.

12:30- Studio 54- Joe’s Piece

12:33- Na, Na, Na- Damaris Tuesday Tap

12:36- Walk the Dinosaur- Erin Saturday Jazz

12:39- Queen B- Heather Saturday Tap

12:42- Grace Tarsa- Fall For You

12:45- Amy Romeo- Unfair

12:48- Fat Sam’s- Janine Monday Jazz

12:51- Gabriella Ambery- Bird Set Free

12:54- Antidote- Gabrielle Enrico & Grace Tarsa

12:57- Watch Me Do- Christine Tuesday Jazz

1:00- 9 to 5- Janine Thursday Jazz

1:03- Donnatella- Erin Friday Jazz

1:06- Grown- Christine Thursday Jazz

1:09- I Do What I Love- Christine Thursday Jazz

1:12- Expensive- Julia Troy

1:15- Impossible- Alexandra Hoering

1:18- Move Your Body- Sarahbeth’s Piece

1:21- Bossa Nova Baby- Janine Monday Jazz

1:24- Ain’t Your Mama- Sarahbeth’s Piece

1:27- Hey baby- Janine Thursday Jazz

1:30- Better When I’m Dancing- Rebecca Albahae & Ava Jo DeGuara

1:36- Cheerleader- Lexi Azzarelli & Amanda Safran

1:39- Fancy- Kaitlyn Doukas & Samantha Barone

1:42- I see Fire- Erin Friday Contemporary

1:45- Muddy Waters- Christine Contemporary Thursday

1:48- Running with the Wolves- Monica’s Piece

1:51- The Light- Monica’s Piece

1:54- Into the Jungle-Janine Monday Jazz

1:57- Calm under the Waves- Monica’s Piece

2:00- Me Too- Janine Monday Jazz

2:03- Orange Colored Sky- Sofia Pascarella

2:06- Cover Girl- Lexi Azzarelli

2:09- The Journey- Senior Piece

2:12- Swing Set- Heather Saturday Tap

2:15- Pep Rally- Christine Thursday Hip-Hop

2:18- New Attitude- Ava Pascarella

2:21- In Person- Alexis Cotsalas

2:24- Uptown Funk- Stephanie Romeo

2:46- Try Everything- Kristina Nitis

2:49- She Used to Be Mine- Erin Friday Lyrical

2:52- Little Do You Know- Taylor Barone

2:55- Walk like an Egyptian- Heather Saturday Tap

2:58- Carousel- Kayla Madigan

3:03- That Walk- Kayla Leyendecker

3:06- Party Girl- Mikayla Grafstein

3:09- I Can Make Ya- Christine Hip-Hop Thursday

3:13- Problem- Alexandra Schulz

3:16- Maple Leaf Rag- Theresa Delahanty

3:19- Beautiful- Alexandra Hoering

3:23- Weak- Emilee Rorick

3:26- So Hood- Jeevan’s Piece

3:30- Elephants- Jayci gaudet

3:33- Jebediah’s Shack Party- Isabel McCleery

3:36- Miss Invisible- Sofia Pascarella

3:39- Open Hands- Christine Thursday Lyrical

3:43- A Million Years Ago- Ava Moncayo

3:46- Took the Night- Alex Hoering & Taylor Barome

3:50- 1,000 Years- Brooke Perez

3:53- Heart Attack- Melina Zappulla

3:56- Better Without You- Julia Troy

4:00- After Hours- Gabrielle Enrico

4:03- Jayci Gaudet & Isabel McCleery

4:06- American Horror Story- Grace Tarsa

4:09- In the Embers- Kayla Madigan

4:12- Mr. Sandman- Julianna Holtje & Sofia Pascarella


We will not be rehearsing Blessings or Scars