Here are just a few last minute reminders for this year’s 16th annual dance recital. The dress rehearsal and recital will be held at St. John the Baptist High School. Located at 1170 Montauk Highway in West Islip. Dress rehearsal will be held on Tuesday, June 20th beginning at 4pm. There is a dress rehearsal schedule located at the front desk. Dress rehearsal is MANDATORY. Dancers must be in full costume, make-up, and hair. Hair must be pulled back in a low bun (no bangs). Please make sure hair is secure (use a lot of gel and hairspray). Creative movement students must have their hair off their face. It does not have to be in a low bun. Please also note that no jewelry is allowed on stage, and all nail polish must be removed along with any visible tattoos. All dancers must have the appropriate color tights and shoes. Laces can be provided for creative movement tap shoes. Underwear is prohibited on stage; tights are underwear.

                 Please arrive ten minutes before scheduled dance time. We do not wait for anyone. If your child is scheduled to dance at 4pm then that is when they will be dancing. Please allow time for traffic. You can video at the dress rehearsal (only from your seat, not from the stage). There is no video taping allowed on the day of the recital. The recital will be taped, and you can buy it on DVD. There will be a sign up sheet located at the front desk. Payment must be made at that time. The DVD is $45. There is absolutely no flash photography in the theatre; it is VERY dangerous to the dancers.

                 On the day of the recital (Sunday, June 25th), please arrive one hour before show time. You will then check your child in and your child will be taken to their designated dressing room. There is no food or drink allowed backstage (water only). Please no chips or junk food. Please feel free to bring games and toys to keep your children occupied. Do not bring coloring books or crayons. There are no parents allowed backstage, only the designated backstage moms. All backstage moms must arrive at the high school an hour and a half before show time. Backstage moms must stay for the entire duration of the show. 

                At intermission time (and only intermission time) Creative movement I and II students must be picked up from backstage. There are no other children allowed in the theatre. There will be security at each entrance. We ask that the same parent that drops off is the same parent that picks up. Please only one parent! At this time your child can sit with you for the duration of the show, then at least two numbers prior to the grand finale please bring your child backstage so that he or she can go on stage and receive their achievement in dance ribbon. All five and ten year recipients will receive their trophy at this time. After the finale we will be dismissing the children from the stage by class.

             If you have to leave early and cannot stay for the entire duration of the show, please notify the front desk ASAP. The show is longer this year and if you have to leave right after they dance you can, but you will not be allowed back in the theatre. Please remember when your child is not dancing someone else’s is.  Please try and refrain from leaving the theatre as much as possible. We can assure you that your children are being watched and helped with any quick changes that they may have.

                  Just a last reminder regarding dance photos: Photo day will be held at St. John the Baptist on Tuesday, June 20th the day of the dress rehearsal. After your child is finished dancing they can go to the lobby to have their photo taken by Sandy Pearl Video. Students are not to have their photo taken until they are completely finished dancing.

                Please note that there will be classes up until the day before the recital. There will be class Tuesday, June 20th at 10:45 for Creative Movement II. All afternoon classes will be cancelled on Tuesday, June 20th. But there will be classes Wednesday to Saturday leading up until the recital.

                 Summer session begins Monday, July 10th. Fall session begins Monday, September 11th.  Competition auditions will be Saturday, September 16th.  Times will be posted online over the summer.

                Thank you for another great year. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the recital please do not hesitate to ask.