We hope you have all had a happy and restful summer and are so excited to see you all again. It is also nice to see so many new faces as well. Please read through this letter, which entails all you need to know about the dress code, rules of the studio, and competition auditions.

*Please remember that all hair must be pulled up during class and all jewelry must be removed before entering the studio. There is absolutely no gum chewing in class.

Creative Movement I and II-pale pink tights, pale pink leotard, pink ballet shoes, and white tap shoes. Pink ballet skirts are allowed.

All pre-funk and hip-hop classes- there are no specific dress code for hip-hop and pre-funk classes. Any kind of dancewear is fine as long as students can move in it. All students must wear black jazz shoes. Please no jeans are allowed. No baggy clothes. Teen Hip-Hop and boy classes can wear sneakers to class.

Beg. Tap, Tap Level 1-- black tights, black leotard, or black jazz pants. Black patent leather lace up tap shoes.

All other tap classes & Beg. Tap (ages 9-12) - black split sole tap shoes. Same dance attire.

All Ballet Classes- pink tights, black leotard. Pink ballet shoes. Absolutely no warm up shorts, t-shirts, or ballet skirts are allowed in class. All hair must be in a bun.

All Jazz, Lyrical, and Musical Theatre Classes- black tights, black leotard, or black jazz pants. Black jazz shoes. Sofia Lucia’s are permitted for upper level jazz and lyrical classes. Dance paws or foot undies for lyrical.

All Acrobatics Classes- black unitard, or leotard and footless tights. Bare feet.

Please remember that this dress code is mandatory (this also includes all competition students). In order to create a more disciplined environment we need all students to follow the dress code. We appreciate your cooperation!


*All dance tuition is due by the 1st of each month. If your tuition is not paid by the 10th we will automatically take it out of the credit card that we have on file. We do not pro-rate any tuition for any month. All holidays and snow days can be made up. This includes children that miss the entire month except for one class in the month. Tuition will still be applied and the missed days must be used as make-ups. Make- ups are additional classes that are scheduled along with your monthly classes. 


*Please note that there is absolutely no food or drink allowed in the studio.

*The blinds to each studio will only be opened the last 5 minutes of each class. Please do not come into the studio during class to open the blinds.

*Classes, teachers, and times can be subject to change in the beginning of the year. Each dance class require a minimum of 5 dancers per class.

*There is always information located at the front desk regarding the recital and studio closings. Please make it a point to stop in and check in, you don’t want to be out of the loop! Keep a look out for the recital information soon!

Competition Team 2018 Auditions- Saturday, September 16th, 2017. Please arrive ten minutes before your child’s dance time (come to the audition on the age that they are at now), there will be paperwork at the desk to fill out, and make sure your child comes dressed and ready to dance. The team roster will be posted on our website in the evening.

Tap (ages 6-8) 1:30- 2:00

Tap (ages 9- 12) 2:00- 2:30

Tap (ages 13 & up)- 2:30- 3:00

Jazz (ages 6-8)- 3:00- 3:30

Jazz (ages 9-12) 3:30- 4:00

Jazz (ages 13 & up)- 4:00- 4:30

Hip-Hop (ages 6-8) 4:30- 5:00

Hip-Hop (ages 9-12) 5:00- 5:30

Hip-Hop (ages 13 & up)- 5:30- 6:00

*There will be a competition team parent meeting on Wednesday, September 20th at 9:30pm.


October 2ND TO October 7TH- BRING A FRIEND TO DANCE CLASS WEEK (for classes that are open only)

October 24th- October 30th- HALLOWEEN WEEK- Come dressed to class in you Halloween Costume (if costumes presents itself as a danger than we will ask you to remove it)

December 17th- December 23rd- HOLIDAY WEEK- Come dressed to class in your favorite holiday dance wear!

February 12th- 17th- PAJAMA WEEK- Come to class in your most comfy PJ’s

March 5th- 10th- LDT SPIRIT WEEK- Come to dress in your favorite LDT wear!

April 23rd to 28th- LDT SPIRIT WEEK -Come to dress in your favorite LDT wear!


*If you are not receiving emails from us please check the front desk to make sure we have the correct address on file. And be a part of LDT Facebook.