Competition Dress Rehearsal 2019

This is the order of the dress rehearsal on Saturday, March 2nd.  We will be starting at 11:00 in the morning. Ballet will be cancelled that day. Please make sure they are in full costume and have all the necessary tights and shoes they will need. Costumes should be altered already if needed and dancers need to be in full make-up, hair, and jewelry. Please make sure you arrive at least 20 min early and be ready to go


11:00- Can You Hear Me- Jackie Caulin

11:03- My Way- Alex Hoering

11:06- When I Grow Up- Ava Pascarella

11:09- No One Will Listen- Kristina Nitis

11:12- Show Off- Emily Hoering

11:15- Lightening- Alessia Malandruccolo

11:18- The Six- Joe’s Summer Piece

11:21- Superstar- Sofia Pascarella

11:24- Astaire- Ms. Heather’s large group tap

11:27- Uh Huh- Ava Moncayo

11:30- Baby, I’m a Star- Casey Byrne

11:33- I’ll Never Go Away- Anne Henderson

11:36- Strut- Julianna Holtje

11:39- Hands in the Air- Madison Nuzzi

11:42- Nightengale- Frida Misko

11:45- Bills, Bills, Bills- Sarahbeth’s Summer Piece

11:48- Heavy Rotation- Kristina Nitis

11:51- Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous- Kayla Leyendecker

11:54- Hot Hot Hot- Aubrey Leyendecker

11:57- The Swagger Stomp- Thursday 8:15 Tap

12:00- No Rights, No Wrongs- Julia Troy

12:03- Tears in Heaven- Taylor Barone

12:06- Wings- Alexis Cotsalas

12:09- Welcome to the Party- Tuesday 5:30 Hip-Hop

12:12- Wildside- Morgan DeBello

12:15- All I Want- Sofia Pascarella

12:18- A Million Dreams- Ava Pascarella

12:21- Bad Boy Good Man- Thursday 7:30 Heather

12:24- Someone You Loved- Julia Troy

12:27- X’s & Oh’s- Frida Misko

12:30- Missing You- Alexandra Hoering

12:33- Stand By Me- Theresa Delahanty

12:36- Send My Love- Alexandra Schulz

12:39- Putting on the Ritz- Mikayla Grafstein

12:42- The Clapping Song- Gabriella DeCapua

12:45- Car Wash- Saturday 8:30 Jazz

12:48- Grandpa’s Groove- Monday 8:30 Jazz

12:51- Newsies- Ms. Janine’s Summer Piece

12:54- Crush on You- Thursday 5:15 Jazz

12:57- Hound Dog- Casey Byrne, Sophia Skartsiaris, Emily Hoering

1:00- The Flock- Ms. Monica’s Summer Piece

1:03- Viva La Swing- Mikayla Grafstein

1:06- Silent- Friday 7:30 Contemporary 

1:09- Beautiful Thing- Ava Pascarella & Jillian Caulin

1:12- You Don’t Know Me- Tuesday 8:30 Jazz

1:15- Bring on the Fire- Morgan DeBello & Caitlin Fleece

1:18- Hit the Road jazz- Thursday 5:30 Jazz

1:21- Broken- Ms. Monica’s Summer Piece

1:24- The Flock- Ms. Monica’s Summer Piece

1:27- Cha Cha Heels- Laila Bartolomei & Alessia Malandruccolo

1:30- Get Back Up Again- Nina Napolitano

1:33- Absolutely Final Goodbye- Julianna Holtje

1:36- Work- Thursday 7:30 Hip-Hop

1:41- Whole Lotta Woman- Sarahbeth’s Summer Piece

1:44- Dreaming with a Broken Heart- Monday 8:30 Lyrical

1:47- Next to You- Isabel McCleery & Ava Moncayo

1:50- Friends- Joe’s Summer Piece

1:53- Carry You – Taylor Barone & Alexandra Hoering

1:56- Fired Up- Saturday 8:30 Jazz

2:00- Cello- Ms. Shannon’s Summer Piece

2:03- Girls Night Out- Julianna Holtje & Sofia Pascarella

2:06- The Master- Friday 7:30 Jazz

2:09- Watch Me- Sophia Skartsiaris

2:12- Change the World- Stephanie Romeo

2:15- Come to this- Tuesday 8:30 Lyrical

2:18- Jailhouse Rock- Thursday 5:15 Jazz

2:21- You are the Reason- Friday 7:30 Lyrical

2:24- Everybody Hurts- Thursday 5:30 Lyrical

2:27- Knockout- Friday 4:00 Hip-Hop

2:30- I think I’m in Love- Anne Henderson

2:33- Sorry- Emilee Rorick

2:36- Star Wars- Ms. Christine’s large group hip-hop