LDT Dress Code for 2018-2019

All Creative Movements- plain pale pink tights, plain pale pink leotard, pink ballet shoes. Skirts are allowed, not tutus

 Beg. Tap and Tap Level 1- black tights, black leotard, black patent leather tap shoes

All Tap classes and Beg. Tap for ages (9-12)- black tights, black leotard, black split sole leather tap shoes

Beg. Jazz, Jazz Level 1, Beg. Jazz 9-12 & Musical Theatre classes- black tights or jazz pants, black leotard, black dance shorts or black leggings, and black jazz shoes.

All Jazz Levels and Lyrical 1 to 4- Tan Sophia Lucia’s. Leotard, dance shorts, or leggings. Tan or black tights. Students must be in dance wear. No t-shirts, loose tanks, or belly shirts.

All Ballet classes- black leotard, pink tights, pink shoes- no ballet skirts, no shorts, no tank tops or shorts.  Hair in a bun.

Hip-Hop & Pre-Funk- no dress code. No Jeans. Black jazz shoes. 

ACRO-  Unitard. Bare feet.

Open Lyrical Classes- black leotard, black tights or tan tights. Dance pants and shorts are allowed. Dance Paws for feet.

Any questions regarding the LDT dress code, please call the studio - (631) 979-6047

*In order to create a more disciplined environment, where students can focus better and learn more, we must follow this dress code. This dress code is still enforced during hot weather in May and June. Students who are dressed inappropriately will not be allowed to participate in class. Please remember that jewelry is not allowed and hair must be up neatly at all times.