LoPresti Dance Theatre Competition Team Rules

All students must attend award ceremonies for their groups. This is mandatory

Consistent attendance in rehearsals is a must. Students are allowed to have up to four absences.  Students are off the team after four absences. PLEASE notify the front desk if you know already when your child will be missing rehearsal. If your child is sick and cannot sit and watch rehearsal please call the studio.

Team suits must be worn at competitions. Costumes are not to worn on stage. Team suits can be ordered for all new dance team members. Each team suit will cost $85 dollars and payment must be made by November 3rd.

All private lessons must be paid at the time of the lesson! No exceptions.

If you do not show up for a scheduled lesson, you will be charged.

We are still going to be wearing the jewelry and the hairpieces at competitions. If your child is a new competition team member, the jewelry must be purchased at the front desk. Earrings and necklaces will be $30 dollars for both and payment for jewelry will be due the same time costume money is due. If you are team member from last year that needs new jewelry please let us know.

1. False eyelashes must be worn at all the competitions. They can be purchased at CVS.  Please have them approved by one of the teachers.
2. Full make-up must be worn at all competitions. All dancers need a very red lipstick, lip liner (to high light the lip line), black eyeliner, black mascara (to go on the lashes), blush, and light purple eye shadow.
3. We are still using lace less jazz shoes, tap shoes with the laces, or dance paws. Colors of the shoes are to be determined. All hip-hop students need hip-hop sneakers. Colors and brands are to be determined.
4. All hair must be slicked back, with a side part on the left. Please make sure their bun is tight and secure.
5. Boys must wear gel in their hair or hairspray.

Competition costumes are $90 each

If you would like to add some extra studs to the costume, or add to shoes, hair, make-up, etc. please consult their teacher first. Do not take it upon yourself to do it on your own.

Competition fees are an extra $40 a month added to your monthly tuition.

*All comp students must obey the dress code rules