Our 2019 dance recital is fast approaching us, costumes have been arriving and dances have been started. Here are just a few reminders, and dates to remember.

             The recital will be held on Sunday, June 23rd at 12pm and 6pm. There is a dress rehearsal on Tuesday, June 18th beginning at 4pm. If you are unsure about what show your child is dancing in, it is posted on the wall of the studio and it can also be found online.  The recital and dress rehearsal is being held at St. John the Baptist, which is located at 1170 Montauk Highway in West Islip. The dress rehearsal schedule will be posted online and at the front desk in the upcoming weeks.

           All tickets will be given out by a ticket lottery conducted in May.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the ticket lottery, tickets can be purchased during the month of May. The box will be out starting the week of May 20th. Before you purchase tickets, tuition and any outstanding bills must be paid in full, you may fill out a ticket form for as many tickets as you need and for what show you need them. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE AND WE DO NOT DO AUTOMATIC BILLING FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE. Then a drawing will be held the weekend of June 15h.  You can pick up your tickets at the front desk the week of June 17th. Ticket slips are drawn at random. There is no special treatment for anyone, unless you require handicap seating. We do the ticket lottery to make your life easier so you do not have to wait on a line for hours. Please do not come up to the desk after you receive your tickets and complain. If you would like to sit next to another family, those tickets need to be purchased together. We cannot go through the box to find ticket slips that have already been entered. Tickets are $26 a piece.

           Dress rehearsal will be conducted differently this year from previous years. Every family is allowed only two adults into dress rehearsal. Every family will receive two free tickets to get into dress rehearsal. Siblings will not require a ticket. Tickets will be checked in at the door upon entering dress rehearsal. If you have family that would like to come to dress rehearsal because they cannot come to the recital then they can purchase extra tickets. They will be the same price as recital tickets. Dress rehearsal tickets will be given out two weeks before dress rehearsal and can be picked up at the front desk.

                  There will also be a sign up sheet in April for backstage moms. Backstage moms do not have to buy a ticket for themselves, but they are required to help out for the entire duration of the shows. Moms are expected to be at the high school an hour and half before show time.

                  If you know that this is your child’s fifth or tenth year in dance please notify the front desk ASAP. Please also inform them of what show you would like your child to receive their trophy. Trophies for those students will be presented to them at a grande finale. Please do not tell us the day of the show that this is your child’s fifth or tenth year.

               A copy of the program is at the front desk. Please check it to see if your child’s name is spelled correctly by placing your initials next to your child’s name. If the name is spelled incorrectly please change it on the program.

               The fall 2019 schedule will be located at the front desk in the beginning of April. The summer schedule will be at the front in March.  Registration for summer will begin as soon as the schedule comes out and fall registration will begin on Monday, June 3rd.  If you register before July 1st the $15 dollar registration will be waived. All registration must be paid in full; we do not hold spots without payment.  

             Placement letters will be given out in the beginning of May to every parent for the 2019/2020 year of dance. A placement letter is only given out to ballet, tap, jazz, acro and creative movement students. This will make placement easier for you and your child for the following year. Please bring your placement letter with you upon fall registration. There is no letters given out to hip-hop, pre-funk, and musical theatre students.

            Some classes have already received their costumes and some classes have not. Please know that costumes are still on the way and if you haven’t already received your child’s costume it will be here in the upcoming weeks. Thank you for your patience.

               Please keep a look out for further recital information in the upcoming months. The costume guide will be out in the next coming weeks, and will also be posted online at The costume guide will tell you all that you need regarding tights, accessories, and shoe color for the day of the recital.